Thursday, February 19, 2009

Client Side : Flex nin Jutsu

I started studying Adobe Flex December 2008, and in about one month seriously flexing myself in MXML and Actionscript 3. As a Linux user, i downloaded flex 3 sdk, and all of my coding are using editor of my choice of coz vi .

This is my first flex widget i created . A flv player, inspired by youtube of coz. Integrated with subtitle/caption in form of xml. With the flv id the player will lookup for the caption xml from the server if any.

And my second attempt is to develop a document viewer. I so amazed when i looked at scribd and they also using flex. In less than 2 weeks i managed to come out something similar, hmm almost 85% of scribd features available in mine. Called docPlayer.

Ok enough with client side, next will be on DJango and SQLAlchemy. The python side of the story.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st jutsu - ular kekek mak iloi iloi....

We been using php for almost 10 years already, and everything are based on PHP oop and the dolphin RDBMS . A tough decision but we think it s the right time to move, with all the disputes and wrestles "ular kekek/sawa" will be our new direction and DJango will be the framework.


Motivation ... quite tough when you need to come out with a new product line... A totally new replacement model for our product and must be in production mid of 2009, code name LC2.0. So this is the story.....