Thursday, February 19, 2009

Client Side : Flex nin Jutsu

I started studying Adobe Flex December 2008, and in about one month seriously flexing myself in MXML and Actionscript 3. As a Linux user, i downloaded flex 3 sdk, and all of my coding are using editor of my choice of coz vi .

This is my first flex widget i created . A flv player, inspired by youtube of coz. Integrated with subtitle/caption in form of xml. With the flv id the player will lookup for the caption xml from the server if any.

And my second attempt is to develop a document viewer. I so amazed when i looked at scribd and they also using flex. In less than 2 weeks i managed to come out something similar, hmm almost 85% of scribd features available in mine. Called docPlayer.

Ok enough with client side, next will be on DJango and SQLAlchemy. The python side of the story.

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