Saturday, November 7, 2009


For few days I'm scratching, jumping, deep thinking, looking for a killer apps idea, an unique one, a web app that make people scream, so unique that make you cry... (or the other way around)...

suddenly ....... BINGO!!!

a Rubik...!!! yes... a Rubik... The idea is just like a Rubik, but with a different approach.

This is what happen when you try to solve it (or at least to me).

The left pic is a solution and a nice thing to have, the idea is
to make the scrambled/twisted rubik also a solution, and can be a better or even a nicer thing too.

The best part of it, you are not limited to single boring same color solution, but a varieties, and it is so simple anybody can do it. Just close your eyes and twist.. eureka!!!

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Wan said...

hancur qubik tuu .. ari tuu time pi ke mesra mall kertih .. ingat nak beli sutir benda ALLAH nie .. last last mahal .. RM 29.90 sebijik .. lansung tak jadi beli .. maybe sebab dekat kedai Toy are Us